Hello there!

I'm Cathy Kurtz, a photographer and I have a serious case of hobby ADD—I knit, I crochet, and I'll probably pick up underwater basket weaving next week! Oh, and my hair color? Let's just say it's as unpredictable as my hobbies.

Back in the day, I practically hijacked my parents' 35mm camera, leaving them with a hefty film bill. Thank goodness for digital, am I right? High school introduced me to my first photo class and the yearbook team, where my love for seeing my photos in print was born.

After college, I veered off into a completely different field, but my creative itch couldn't be ignored. Enter Cathy Kurtz Photography! I get a kick out of capturing fantastic images for others, whether it's families, high school seniors, pets, or even professional headshots.

So if you're ready to dive into some quirky adventures and capture some memorable moments, let's chat! Contact me, and let's see how I can sprinkle some fun into your photoshoot.